Graphic Concrete HQ uses a pioneering casting method that gives architects and designers carte blanche to emboss designs, textures and even images into the surface of walls and pavements.

Graphic concrete was created to save time and reduce cost when casting bespoke prefabricated concrete sections. The technology is primarily used to manufacture wall sections, paving slabs, facades and barriers.

About graphic concrete:

  • Who says concrete has to be boring – it now has unlimited design potential!

  • From a simple pattern or transfer to intricate artwork or deep sculpting – the potential is limitless.

  • Helps architects, designers, landscapers and planners lift projects and give them a signature look.

  • Ideal for local authorities, hospitals, schools and colleges, residential developments, retail sites, transport hubs, workplaces and many other public locations.

  • Orders currently being taken from across the country!

Graphic Concrete examples

Ensure your next project stands the test of time by creating your own unique graphic concrete design!

Free guide to graphic concrete

Don’t specify your next design project without downloading our free graphic concrete guide.

Latest news

10 10 2017 Graphic Concrete memorial unveiled for 5,000 Army pilots that…

Thousands of British Army pilots who lost their lives serving their country have been commemorated at a brand new British Army Flying Memorial in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

27 01 2017 Graphic Concrete in 2017 - what's stopping you?

Made simple, Graphic Concrete is the latest and greatest method of making concrete surfaces visually interesting.


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